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What's the difference between a cap and a crown?

That's an easy one to answer. They're the same thing!

Caps/crowns are what we call "full-coverage restorations," meaning they cover the entire tooth. This is different from a filling, which fills in a part of a tooth.

Dentists use crowns for a few reasons:

(1) There has been a lot of damage to a tooth (a fracture or a large cavity) and a regular filling just

can't get get the job done.

(2) The patient wants to change the cosmetics of a tooth. Dentists can change the shape, size, position, and color of teeth with many different techniques. Crowns are just one of the options.

(3) The patient wants to change the function of a tooth or the whole mouth. Teeth that have been badly damaged by wear (like from grinding) can get chipped and flattened out. Restoring worn teeth to their original heights and contours will help with chewing and can help support the TMJ and its related muscles.


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